about us

One size fits all works for some things but when it comes to your GIS software, have you been shoehorned into an application that forces special requirements on your workflow processes? Software applications arenít perfect but how often have you said, if we could just get a few things changed with the map or with the application, it would be so much better. With large professional software and application providers you must fit into what they are offering. They always start out with a good product covering a wide range of users but it doesnít quite fit what you need, or they want complete management of your operations. If you have concerns on how well your GIS data is being utilized throughout your organization, we could have a solution for you.

myGIS Manager is a cloud based organization mapping system, offering organizational security and administration. It provides editable web maps for internal organizational uses but also opens for public transparency if needed. We can provide interaction with custom applications or work with larger software packages to provide solutions that work for your organization.